Mediation; is a process whereby people or organization in dispute, can with the support of the mediator, find their own solution to there problems.

Coaching; enables the person or organization to resource themselves, (dig deep ) to    indentify and  achieve their goals in life.

Facilitation; The facilitator plays a neutral part is helping a group of people or team to understand their common objectives and assist them in making a plan to achieve them without taking a position or making a judgement.
Team building; A team builder, will work with the team to achieve already established goals, encourage, support and work with the dynamics of the group.

Counselling; A counsellor will offer a space for its clients to analyse a problem or concern that is causing upset or distress in their daily lives like depression or anxiety.

Psychotherapy; A psychotherapist will initially concentrate on the client’s past, finding patterns that give clues to current day stress’s that impact on the client partaking in a fully enjoyable life.

Way of council; Council is an age old tradition, where by a group is formed by way of community, organization, school to discuss aspects that effect this group. The use of a talking piece is fundamental to the group, offering respect, and deep listening.