the way of council

The Way of Council

By creating a space or an environment, council offers a way of communication that is quite profound, and in some cases life changing, for the participants. It instills heartfelt communication by listening and speaking with respect. It is inclusive by its very nature while acknowledging and working with difference.
Setting the intention or theme of the group is a vital part of the magic of council. Often the group or team is unsure of, or has difficulty with, naming the actual problem. For example: “why are we not working together efficiently?”.  Council offers a way for a group to explore in safety and to encourage its participants to look inward, discover core values, create possibilities and to enable itself to find its own solutions. It thus offers empowerment to the individuals as well as the group or team.
Council is an age old tradition used by our indigenous ancestors. It is in our blood and therefore easy to access. Used now in businesses, schools ,organizations and families, council can become an efficient tool to resolve conflict and encourage well being and co-operation in a group context.

Council promotes:

  • Bonding
  • Framework for dealing with conflict
  • Respect
  • The practice of listening with respect
  • Working with difference
  • Inclusiveness
  • Self worth, self esteem and confidence
  • Valuing the life experience of each individual
  • Capacity building
  • Critical reflection
  • Patience
Council also:
  • Challenges pre conceived values / opinions
  • Provides a framework for dealing with tacit culture
  • Supports interactive learning
  • Provides skills to bring this work elsewhere