facilitation and team building

Facilitation is about making things easier. It is a skillful job, and one that requires, confidence, interpersonal skills, knowledge of group dynamics, group norms and cultures. It requires the ability to hold a presence, mediate, reframe and provide feedback at appropriate stages of the process. A good facilitator will also be intuitive, consciously, aware and capable of reading the Shadow (unmentioned negative energy in the room) of the group.

Knowing the culture and the values of the organization is an essential part of being an effective facilitator. An expert facilitator will hold the conscious awareness of their own values which will often differ from those being facilitated.

The role of the facilitator

The role varies depending on the situation. Below is a list of examples of what that role comprises.

Why you should use a facilitator:

  • No vested interest in the outcome
  • No hidden agenda
  • Impartiality
  • Ensures that everyone’s voice is heard
  • Teases out underlying issues
  • Improves communication in the organization
  • Builds relationships, trust and respect
  • Building a Successful Team
"Everyone wants to feel that they are on a winning team, that the company is moving ahead, and that they are an integral part of the group."

To build a successful team, you not only need to show people what direction the company is headed, you must support them to want to be part of their own success.  If all participants feel included, the team will work and the goals will be achieved.