about new insights

Claire is a successfully businesswoman who has worked in the business world for the last 30 years, sixteen of them running her own business in the transport industry. She is a practiced, self motivating team player, and a leader who likes to get thing done. All this coupled with her relaxed and friendly approach to life and living helps to make her a great champion for the services of NewInsights. Constantly aware of changing needs and her personal desire to improve her own skills she has trained in Commercial and Workplace Mediation, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Business and Life coaching as well as a facilitation and team building.

All of these skills she found of use while running her own business, and now as the Managing Director of NewInsights. Having reached a successful stage in her life she decided to embark on a career change, incorporating a vast amount of pure everyday business acumen as well as learned skills in the worlds of Mediation, Business Development and Personal Growth. She feels passionate about achieving one's own potential; being 'the best I can possibly be'. She believes that in the right environment, which includes clear communication, goal setting, motivation, and working as part of a team, showing respect and being respectful has a hugely beneficial effect of the individual. Claire is aware of her own personal strengths and weaknesses as a human being. She has a good personality that makes people relax and be at ease. She builds confidence in those around her as a natural part of who she is.

She enjoys a good social life which includes, rugby, city breaks, plenty of fresh air and of course new training courses.